Practice Areas

Energy Purchase & Sale Transactions

Experience and capabilities

  • Preparation, negotiation and review of energy supply contracts including representations of sellers and buyers of electricity and gas (natural, landfill and biogas)
  • Review and negotiation or contracts on behalf of multi-state owners of facilities seeking electric power from national energy services companies
  • Procurement and transportation of fuel. This includes providing and negotiating contracts for the purchase and transportation of coal for large power plants
  • Representing owners and managers of buildings contracting with ESCOs for sale and purchase of electricity and gas
  • Representing ESCOs selling electricity and gas
  • Representing customers in disuptes with suppliers and utilities

Examples of recent experience

ESCO Selling Electricity and Gas in Several States and Fuel Oil Company: Developed contracts for financing and performing oil to gas boiler conversations and lighting retrofits.

US Multi-State Property Owner: Reviewed, revised and assisted in negotiating an electricity purchase contract with a national seller of electric power.

Multi-State ESCO: Served as New York State energy counsel and provided an opinion letter relative to a transaction involving Macquarie Energy LLC, a supplier of electricity and gas to ESCOs which also provided financing of purchases to Viridian, LLC, Public Power LLC and their affiliates in several states.