Practice Areas

Energy Conservation and Reliability

Contractors offering energy conservation services and energy consumers contracting for those services and instituting demand side management turn to us for guidance and assistance. The firm has an extensive background in energy retrofit and conservation projects. We advise clients throughout the energy industry and can serve as outside general counsel to an energy services company.

Our practice includes energy efficiency, energy conservation and energy demand-side management and sustainability projects such as advanced metering (including sub-metering).

Our capabilities and experience

  • Energy conservation installations including a broad range of measures, and municipal and energy equipment lease transactions and performance engineering
  • Served as outside general counsel to an energy services company; also represented several other energy services companies, host facilities, owners, contractors, consultants and energy sector contractors
  • Data center energy conservation
  • Energy incentive programs
  • Metering installations including advanced interval electric metering, submetering and related real time price and time of use electric pricing
  • Lighting projects and representation of lighting manufacturers
  • Energy and carbon/green trading
  • Water conservation initiatives

Examples of recent experience

Engineering/Energy Conservation Consultant: Successful settlement negotiations of dispute regarding energy conservation services and breach of contract.

International Oil Company: Prepared contracts and provided advice relative to commencing a cogeneration and energy conservation project subsidiary to provide services to customers.

NYC Owner of Multifamily Residential Buildings: Prepared an energy performance contract for boiler repair and installation based upon energy conservation and handed dispute related thereto.