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Peter Funk Advises Energy Conservation/
Cogeneration Project at Roosevelt Landings

Updated April 7, 2015: See related New York Times article on this project embedded below. Funk & Zeifer performed a broad array of legal services for this project, including preparation of numerous contracts such as a power purchase agreement for the cogeneration unit, an energy services agreement for all energy conservation measures (ECMS) and separate contracts with each contractor. The contractors included Air Barrier (construction to prevent loss of thermal energy through air leaks), EVCO (cogeneration, new hot water heaters and new boiler) and H2O (installation of thermostats and sensors that control temperature).

NEW YORK, NY (November 8, 2012) — Peter V.K. Funk, Jr. served as project attorney for Urban Greenfit, the developer of an innovative multi-component energy conservation and cogeneration project at Roosevelt Landings, Roosevelt Island. The New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation (NYCEEC) provided financing for this project.

Incentives were provided by the New York Energy Research and Development Corporation (NYSERDA) and Consolidated Edison of New York. Among its objectives, the project is intended to resolve a long-standing issue with submetering in affordable housing and be a model for future projects.

Peter Funk is an energy attorney whose renewable and alternative energy practice encompasses comprehensive handling of renewable energy, cogeneration and energy conservation projects. Engagements have included private and public on-site cogeneration, renewable energy conservation measures, energy management and data centers as well as solar, biomass and biogas installations and waste-to-energy.