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Intro to Energy Law: An Overview of Key Legislative, Regulatory & Commercial Topics by Peter Funk

NEW YORK, NY (April 23, 2018) — Peter Funk's course entitled “Intro to Energy Law: An Overview of Key Legislative, Regulatory & Commercial Topics” was broadcast by on April 23, 2018.

The course, available on-line for self-study, covers a wide variety of topics designed to show that energy law is not a single legal discipline, but, rather, spans diverse sectors such as regulatory, utility, oil and gas; construction, environmental, contract, commercial and tax; and real estate, zoning, litigation, constitutional, financial, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and corporate law.

Public attitudes towards public and private rights to natural resources have changed over time, and environmental concerns have arisen regarding extraction and burning of oil, coal and natural gas. And, even despite wind power’s benefits, issues have arisen concerning its inclusion in power grids and its visual and auditory impacts.

Mr. Funk discusses the concept of natural monopolies, use of public roads for rights of way, electric poles and wires and underground pipes. Price regulation of gas and electricity became deemed a surrogate to competition. Federal and state jurisdiction grew to control our rivers, harbors and navigable streams as dams multiplied to harness their power. Besides federal agencies (such as FERC) and state agencies (such as public service or utility commissions or boards) and the extent of their jurisdiction, Mr. Funk reviews:

  • Federal and state utility deregulation that started in the 1970s
  • The rise of Independent System Operators (ISOs)
  • The interplay between energy and the environment
  • Energy storage
  • Federal and State incentive programs
  • Financing energy projects

Peter Funk is an energy attorney whose renewable and alternative energy practice encompasses comprehensive handling of renewable energy, cogeneration and energy conservation projects. Engagements have included private and public on-site cogeneration, metering, renewable energy conservation measures, energy management and data centers as well as solar, biomass and biogas installations and waste-to-energy.

Funk is co-founder of the energy law boutique Funk & Zeifer LLP based in New York City.