NYC Bar association

Peter Funk Leads Panel on Dairy Farm Biogas to Renewable Natural Gas Projects

NEW YORK, NY (March 18, 2021) — Energy attorney Peter V.K. Funk, Jr. organized and participated in a program for The Energy Committee at the New York City Bar Association, â€œHot Topics – Biogas to Renewable Natural Gas,” covering current issues relating to biogas to renewable natural gas (RNG) with a focus on dairy farm projects. 

The panelists and their discussion topics:

  • Peter Funk, Partner, Funk & Zeifer LLP, gave an overview of dairy farm biogas projects including addressing digesters, conditioners, transportation, participation in incentive programs, structuring agreements and related issues.
  • Marc Reisler, Principal, Sive Paget Riesel, discussed Federal and State RIN Credits, low carbon fuel standard credits and financing RNG Projects.
  • Peter Norman, Attorney at Clean Energy Counsel LLP, covered issues related to feedstock supply agreements and site leases measuring and regulating the quantity/quality of manure and strategies for compensating dairy farmers (e.g., tipping fees versus revenue sharing).

Peter Funk is an energy attorney whose energy and utility practice encompasses comprehensive handling of renewable energy, cogeneration, dairy farm biogas projects and energy conservation, energy efficiency and demand response projects. Engagements have included private and public on-site cogeneration, energy management, energy storage as well as solar, biomass and biogas installations, waste-to-energy and the financing of energy projects.

Funk is co-founder of the energy law boutique Funk & Zeifer LLP based in New York City.