Peter Funk Panelist on Cogen Program

NEW YORK, NY (October 29, 2014) — Peter V.K. Funk, Jr. participated in a panel that discussed “Is Cogeneration Right for Your Building?” at an expo hosted by the New York Association of Realty Managers (NYARM) on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, in New York City. His presentation included topics such as legal considerations regarding self-owned cogeneration as compared to vendor-owned cogeneration, and cogeneration in the context of submetering.

Peter Funk is an energy attorney whose renewable and alternative energy practice encompasses comprehensive handling of renewable energy, cogeneration and energy conservation projects. Engagements have included private and public on-site cogeneration, metering, renewable energy conservation measures, energy management and data centers as well as solar, biomass and biogas installations and waste-to-energy.

Funk is co-founder of the energy law boutique Funk & Zeifer LLP based in New York City.

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